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KT1250 - HAZCAT 2.0 Upgrade

KT1250 - HAZCAT 2.0 Upgrade

SKU: KT1250

Includes new reagents/hardware/manual & charts.


Upgrade your HazCat Chemical Identification System Kit with everything needed to convert older versions of the HazCat Kit to the new, improved January 2018 version. This new version is

the most comprehensive and easy to understand to date. New reagents have been added, the manual has been rewritten, and all decision tree charts have been reformatted, making them clearer, easier to follow and more precise than previous versions.


New changes have made the HazCat Chemical Identification System Kit an even more powerful tool for the HazMat Responder.  Choose to upgrade in-house with the provided items or ship your older version kit to us to perform the upgrade.

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