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S1704/CA-026-RESP - (4 Day) HAZCAT - Operations - CA-026-RESP

S1704/CA-026-RESP - (4 Day) HAZCAT - Operations - CA-026-RESP

SKU: S1704/CA-026-RESP

Four (4) primary elements are emphasized throughout the Field Identification of Unknown Materials Workshop; tools, terms, tests and theory. The tools used in the HazCat® System are explained in the opening lecture. New terms and definitions are explained as they are encountered during class.


The three (3) Gateway tests (OXIDIZER/ACID TEST, WATER SOLUBILITY TEST and the CHAR TEST COMPLEX) are demonstrated by the instructor during the initial Calcium Sulfate demonstration. These tests are called the Main Sequence Tests and form the basis for the entire system. The underlying chemical theory of the HazCat® System is explained throughout the course*. 



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