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2.0MP6 - HAZCAT 2.0 6-year Quarterly Update/Maintenance Plan

2.0MP6 - HAZCAT 2.0 6-year Quarterly Update/Maintenance Plan

SKU: 2.0MP6

The 6-Year Quarterly Update/Maintenance Plan provides quarterly updates for the User Manual and all associated Charts. Any new Charts that are published are also included. The Maintenance portion of the plan provides replacement of all perishables in the kit during the plan period.

HazCat 2.0 Perishable Items List:


(shipped to you during the first/third/fifth year)
HW4047 – Peroxide Test Strips
HW4012 – Clor-n-Oil Kit
RE2312 – Dithizone in Methylene Chloride


(shipped to you during the second/fourth/sixth year of the plan)
RE2314 – Aluminon
RE2315 – a,a”-Dipyridyl
RE2330 – Alizarin
DTK7842 – Detector Tube Kit


Depending on your use of the kit – you may run out of certain reagents. Site specific testing may utilize different reagents than incident specific testing. The Maintenance Plan includes your choice of 6 of the reagents listed below shipped during the Plan period.


The most commonly used reagents are:
RE2301 3N Hydrochloric Acid
RE2310 Hydrogen Peroxide
RE2307 Ammonium Hydroxide
RE2308 Sodium Hydroxide
RE2328 Silver Nitrate
RE2327 Reagent Paper
RE2325 Methanol
HW4045 Oxidizer Test Strips


The quarterly updates, reagents and hardware shipped to you on a quarterly basis amount to a savings of ~$750 over the course of 6 years.

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