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Industry Leader Since 1986
The world's most widely used system for Chemical Field Identification
HazCat® the standard of the Industry
HazCat® is approved by the Department of Homeland Security
Used by the EPA for field and in-lab identification.
In use by the Coast Guard Strike teams, Army, Navy and Air Force
HazCat® Identifies Nuclear - Biological - Industrial Chemicals-Narcotics

HazCat® Field Identification Kits
HazCat® Kits specialized for Industry and State and Federal Laboratories
HazCat® reagent supplies - HazCat® hardware
HazCat® Manuals, charts and software
H2C® Fuel and Oil spill clean-up products
DHS approved Multi-Level Training.

HazTech Systems™ has products and services second to none. We provide the DHS approved HazCat® kits, the most accurate field identification solution in the world. Simple tests easy to read manuals and charts make it the most cost effective testing tools available in the marketplace.
HazCat® the latest scientific breakthrough in Fuel and Oil Hydrocarbon
Spill "ALL GREEN" clean-up

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